Public Shelters

Stillwater Medical Center's basement is reserved for the safety of patients and employees. 

Several severe weather refuge locations are available on the OSU-Stillwater campus. Click here to visit OSU Campus Safety for a full list of severe weather refuge locations.

These locations on the OSU-Stillwater Campus are for after hours use:

  • Ag Hall, on the corner of Farm Road and Monroe – The south entrance at the east end is wheelchair accessible.
  • Engineering South


Tips for staying safe during severe weather events.

Tip #1:  Shelter in place.  The safest location to be during severe weather is in the most interior, lowest level of a well-built structure.  Examples of areas to shelter in a structure:

• basement
• bathroom
• closet
• hallway
• under stairs
• storm shelter or safe room

These are all good places to protect you and your family against the threats associated with severe weather.

Tip #2:  Know when to expect dangerous weather.  Watch the daily weather forecast and know what type of weather is expected throughout the day.  This will help you to know if you there is a threat for any type of weather that may cause you to shelter in place.

Tip #3:  Know the hazards – Be aware of the hazards that you might face during a weather event. 

Tip #4:  Pay attention to all watches, advisories and warnings affecting you.

Tip #5:  Have a plan to stay safe.  Know what can happen and what you will do to mitigate the event.

Tip #6:  Have a NOAA Weather Radio.  Get the information directly from the National Weather Service.