Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care Treatment

Our multi-disciplinary team of wound care and hyperbaric doctors and nurses utilize the most advanced individualized, aggressive wound treatment to stimulate healing.


Being healthy and active are two of life’s greatest pleasures.

With wounds that won’t heal, life sometimes loses its enjoyment because of pain and the fear of possible amputation.

There is good news. Effective treatments can help heal your wounds, and that is what the Dorothy Blackwell Wound Care Clinic is all about. 

Stillwater Medical Center has developed a continuum of care to insure your patients receive the most advanced wound care in the outpatient, inpatient and home care setting. 


• Hyperbaric medicine
• Growth factor therapy and bioengineered skin substitutes
• Advanced wound dressings
• General surgery
• Debridement
• Compression therapy
• Nutritional evaluation and education
• Patient and caregiver education
• Physical therapy
• Coordination with home care
• Diabetes education
• Behavioral health counseling


• Diabetic
• Arterial    
• Surgical
• Collagen vascular
• Venomous insect bites
• Outpatient burn treatment
• Other non-healing wounds


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves the systematic delivery of oxygen to patients. The patient is placed in a hyperbaric chamber, which is then pressurized to between two and three-times atmospheric pressure. While under pressure, the patient breathes 100% oxygen. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a therapeutic tool used at the Wound Care Clinic. Not all patients need or qualify for this therapy.


While primary care physicians or the emergency room refer many wound care patients, a referral is not required. You may call and schedule an appointment at (405) 742-5888. The wound care clinic is in Suite 102 in the Medical Office Building on the East edge of Stillwater Medical Center.