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Stillwater Medical Center’s One Call process is designed to make it easy for your local medical community to coordinate access to appropriate care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All it takes is one telephone call to 405.742.5889 and experienced nurses will coordinate all aspects of communication necessary for direct admissions or transfers to Stillwater Medical Center. 


The Heart Center at Stillwater Medical Center is honored to introduce our full team of highly trained cardiologists, each ready to help maintain optimal heart health. Utilizing the latest heart-disease prevention and treatment methods, they perform critical cardiac procedures close to home. Our experienced staff offers the best in cardiovascular care, performing heart tests, prevention screening, stent placement, angioplasty, and other outpatient heart procedures.


SMC is staffed by four highly skilled orthopedic surgeons for 24 hour coverage of orthopedic trauma. These surgeons work as a team to ensure patients receive care according to researched best practice and the highest infection control standards. After the procedure they work closely with dedicated physical therapists to ensure patients have the knowledge and tools they need for a quick and complete recovery.


Our hospitalists devote their practice to the specialized care of hospitalized patients. They are trained in internal medicine and see hospitalized patients who have been referred from community primary care doctors, emergency room doctors or other physicians. At the time of your patient’s admission to the hospital, you can inform the hospitalist of the patient’s needs and you may send records to provide information. At discharge, the hospitalist will communicate with you to discuss further treatment needs and arrange follow-up. The important benefit of the hospitalist service is increased availability of the hospitalist to provide timely, honest and considerate answers to all questions. The hospitalists are available 24/7.


The Surgical Services department provides round the clock surgical care of urgent and emergent patients in the areas of general surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, and orthopedics. Our surgeons are able to be on site providing quality care for our patients within minutes of notification.

We can help you access the appropriate level of care for patients close to home at Stillwater Medical Center.