Ready. Excellent. Available. Experienced. Compassionate.

No one expects a trip to the emergency department, but when it happens, you want a health care team that embodies these qualities. With so much on your mind, you need to trust that you and your loved ones receive expert care. Rest assured that everything at Stillwater Medical Center’s Emergency Department is built around those factors.

Patients need to come to the Stillwater Emergency Department located on the clearly marked west end of the hospital, NOT the locked ambulance emergency entrance on the south side. You can help ensure a smooth process by being prepared to offer the patient’s name, date of birth, chief complaint, social security number, photo identification and an accurate list of medications and allergies. You are welcome to bring pill bottles with you to the Emergency Department if making a list is difficult.

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Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by an experienced intake clerk who will need to know the reason for your visit to the Emergency Department. A triage nurse is then contacted. You can expect that the triage nurse will need a current list of medications that you take and if you have any allergies. The triage nurse will also ask for more details about the reason for your visit. This important assessment begins the care process and the information obtained by the traige nurse is shared with the physician.

Your emergency care doctor determines if you have an emergency medical condition and makes sure you receive the care you need. To save lives, patients with immediate, life-threatening conditions such as chest pain, stroke symptoms, abnormal vital signs or serious wounds must be treated first. Rest assured that the team in the Emergency Department will do everything possible to make you comfortable and ensure your care is accurate, timely and safe.

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Emergency departments of old had specialized rooms for different kinds of issues, so you may have had to wait to get to a room adequately suited for your illness or injury. Today, the recently renovated Stillwater Medical Center Emergency Department has 15 high-tech private treatment areas. Each room is fully equipped with monitors and multifunctional equipment for treating a variety of needs. Cardiac monitoring is even available in every room.


If you’ve been seen in the ER recently and have a question about your discharge, please call (405) 742-5454. If you have questions about billing, please contact the billing office at (405) 742-5300.