Thank you for your interest in job shadowing at Stillwater Medical Center.

The job shadowing program at Stillwater Medical Center provides individual opportunities to observe our staff, learn more about their field, and explore possible careers. The goal is to help individuals learn about health career options, as well as the education and skills required for different occupations in the health-care industry. SMC offers non-academic job shadowing opportunities in several clinical and non-clinical areas.

The job shadowing experience is designed as a one-time observation only experience, lasting two to four hours. The job shadowing experience is not paid and does not fulfill any clinical or internship requirements; nor does it provide any hands-on experience.

Please click here to download the Job Shadow program information and application.

**If you an Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant student and would like to request clinical hours with an SMC physician's assistant or nurse practitioner, click here to download application.